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30 watt Insect Killer Fly Catcher 18 Inch




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18 inch

Product Description

insect killer machine is your best choice for chemical free insect elimination
This is unit utilizing two high-quality ultraviolet bulbs to attract insect which is then, eliminated by the high voltage current which runs through the electrified metal grids rear the bulbs.
Circuitry designed with limit of electric current, low energy loss and high efficiency.
The electric indoor bug zapper uses a UV light to zap bugs, insects, and mosquitos that get inside your house. The bright light attracts them to the zapper.
The bug zapper outdoor attracts mosquitoes, flies, moths, no-see-ums, gnats and other flying insects into the electric bug killer indoor using two light bulbs for powerful insect control. With ultra quiet working design, this electric mosquito killer won't disturb your rest and sleep?? A external mesh screen protects pets and children, preventing accidental contact with the electrical grid. Electric shock only when mosquitoes touch internal grid. Its detachable grid design also allows you to replace the bulbs more portable. Simply install it and save your peace of mind, knowing that no harmful bug is going to come near you!
No maintenance is required. Simply empty the bug tray when full and wash. As a chemical free alternative, it is safe to use in houses, businesses, food preparation areas, hospitals and other indoor areas.

Check the local voltage before working. Do not intend to touch the internal high voltage grids during using because of electric shock danger. Never put metal objects inside the grids while working.
Hang or mounted appliance on a place where children can't reach.
Never remove any fixed part of the appliance to make any internal adjustment avoiding electric shock,
Be sure to cut off electricity when cleaning and repairing the machine. Use suitable brush to clean the high voltage metal grid and throw away the bodies of insects on the collection tray every week.
No touching the high-voltage grid by fingers or metal.
No washing by water, no placing in the rain.
No use in inflammable and / or explosive locales and alike.
Repair should be carried out by the manufacturer or qualified electricians.

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Product Dimensions

45cm X 12cm X 12cm






1 Year Except tubes



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